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Shawbury Parish Council

Shropshire, UK

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What our Priorities are and how we are doing


The Council’s aim is to:
(a) Maintain a cost effective service that provides a pleasant, safe and clean environment for residents of all ages.
(b) Create an environment and ethos which is inclusive, welcoming and caring and which:
  • Helps young people to develop
  • Enables families to thrive and
  • Cares for those in need of help
 n order to ensure that everyone feels that the Parish is a good place to live.
We will:
  • Maintain strict budgetary controls and ensure that adequate insurance cover is in place
  • Endeavour to raise grant aid from varied sources to enable additional developments to take place.
  • Provide finance for the collection of litter on a regular basis and encourage residents to participate in litter collection events.
  • Work closely with Shropshire Council, the Governors and Management team of the school in providing a first class learning environment for children.
  • Maintain a close relationship with the local RAF base.
  • Maintain, with Shropshire Council, street lighting throughout the parish
  • Work closely with the Local Joint Committee and representatives of Shropshire Youth Association to identify and where possible, meet the perceived needs of young people.
  • Work closely with Shropshire Council’s Community Regeneration Officer to identify projects and possible additional funding.
  • Maintain the play area facilities and the playing field to a high standard.
  • Encourage parishioners of all ages, to become actively involved in activities which improve the environment and to participate in Council activity.
  • Work in partnership with the police service to provide an environment which is safe for all residents.
  • Encourage residents to attend Council meetings and become involved in Parish developments
  • Work closely with the Planning Authority to monitor possible development in the Parish and involve residents in this process.
  • Work in partnership with Shropshire Council’s Highways Department to ensure that roads and footpaths are maintained to an acceptable standard and that measures are taken to control vehicle speed throughout the parish.
  • Consider and where possible, activate issues raised in the Parish Plan and continue to consult with residents about issues which affect them.
  • Work to continue to develop the Moat area and make it an attractive and valuable assets for the community.
  • Maintain and extend the Glebe area to provide an exciting countryside facility, which will appeal to all members of the community.
  • Work closely with the Village Hall Committee to provide clubs and recreational facilities for residents of all ages and promote activities which encourage community involvement.
  • Work with the Parochial Church Council in the provision of a well maintained burial ground.
Formulated in 2009
Reviewed September 2016


Next review September 2017
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