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Parish Clerk:  Jack Wilson
6, Primrose Drive, Sutton Park, Shrewsbury, SY3 7TP
01743 236810
Vacancy for a Gardener
Required from April 1st. 2017, a qualified and competent self- employed gardener 
to carry out regular hand mowing of children’s play areas; pruning of shrubs at various locations and hedge cutting duties.
Must hold a pesticide users licence.
References required.
Anyone interested is invited to contact the Parish Clerk for full details of what is involved.
Parish Clerk:  Jack Wilson
6, Primrose Drive, Sutton Park, Shrewsbury, SY3 7TP
01743 236810

News Item May 2019

The Annual Parish meeting was held in the Village Hall on May 14th. Members were delighted to welcome Group Captain Chris Mullen,  Station Commander of RAF Shawbury, who presented this year’s base sponsored Community Service Award. This year the award was given to Mr. Eric Cooper in recognition of the outstanding way in which he has managed the Council’s only allotment for many years and for the regular voluntary work he undertakes, which includes collecting litter and dog waste on his daily walks.

Group Captain Mullen went on to give a brief and interesting up-date on developments at the base, stating that he was delighted to be back in Shawbury where he did his initial training. He welcomed the continued support and the excellent relationship which exists with the local community.

The meeting  included reports from Councillor Anthony Foster (Parish Council Chairman) and Shropshire Councillor Simon Jones. Mr. Richard Bailey outlined details of the local United Charities Committee.

A few issues and concerns were raised by members of the public and these will be considered at future meetings of the Council.

The minutes of the meeting will be placed on the Council web site ( and a copy of the reports from the Parish Council Chairman and Shropshire Councillor Simon Jones will be attached. The details can also be obtained on request from the Parish Clerk.

Parish Council Meeting:

In the Council meeting which followed the Annual Parish Meeting, the Chairman (Councillor A. Foster) and the Vice Chairman (Councillor J. Kennedy) were both re-elected for a further year and the following items were discussed

Village Road Name Signs:

It was agreed that a renovation programme should be undertaken to repair and where necessary replace damaged signs throughout the village. A contractor has been engaged and will begin work in the near future.

Vehicle Activated Signs:

It has been agreed to look at the possibility of erecting signs at certain locations in and around the village to remind drivers of the speed limits that are in place. Possible sites would be Poynton Road/Church Street; White Lodge Park and the A53 travelling from the direction of Market Drayton. Discussions will be on-going but Members would welcome comments or suggestions.



The Annual Parish Meeting:

This will be held in the Village Hall on Tuesday May 14th. starting at 7.00pm. and is open to all residents in the Parish, providing an opportunity to raise and discuss issues with Council Members.

Group Captain Chris Mullen, the new Commanding Officer at RAF Shawbury, will be in attendance and will present this year’s Community Service Award, which is sponsored by RAF Shawbury.

There will be reports from the Parish Council Chairman and Shropshire Councillor Simon Jones.

The meeting will last for approximately one hour and will then be followed by the normal monthly meeting of the Parish Council and residents are welcome to remain for this meeting.

Road Markings:

The Council continues to press Shropshire Council into renewing the various road markings round the Parish and especially those on the A53 by the traffic lights and the road crossing which are causing a good deal of concern.

Bus Service:

Many of you will be aware that Shropshire Council is consulting on proposals to curtail a range of bus services in the County and make a number of changes to the ‘park and ride’ provision.

Included is a proposal to remove the 18.15 journey from Shrewsbury to Shawbury on route 64, which is an essential service for those who work in Shrewsbury and need to get home. The Parish Council will be making a strong objection to this and also to the ‘park and ride’ proposals, which will result in more vehicles accessing Shrewsbury Town Centre at a time when there is National concern about pollution problems in town centres.

If you share the concerns of the Council, you are urged to take part in the consultation process by making your views known to Shropshire Council. This can be found at:

Dog Fouling:

Yet again the Council has been plagued with complaints about dog faeces in the Moat, the Glebe and on the playing field, which is an area where dogs should be kept on leads. It is appreciated that many dog owners are very responsible but the message seems to be ignored continually by some and the Council may be forced into taking more serious action.



Smart Water

If you have not collected your free pack of smartwater, which is on offer to all households in the Parish, Councillor John Kennedy the Council’s Vice Chairman will issuing the packs  in the Village Hall from 6.40pm on the evenings when the Parish Council holds its monthly meetings. The next meeting is on Tuesday April 9th. If you are unable to get to the Hall please telephone the Clerk on 01743 236810 and he will arrange for one to be delivered to you.


Over the past few weekends a group of individuals have decided to break glass bottles on parts of the playing field exposing danger to all those who use the field and particularly young children. Every effort is made to get this cleared as quickly as possible but please take extra care when using the field.

New Seat

The seat, purchased with money donated to the Parish by RAF Shawbury, is now in place on the playing field close to the Fitness Area and will be dedicated on March 25th.  by Group Captain Chris Mullen, the recently appointed Station Commander. It is hoped this will be well looked after and remind everyone of the close relationship that exists between the base and the local community.

Waste Bins

The Council is working closely with representatives of Shropshire Council in an effort to get a larger bin placed on the car park and a new bin placed in Church Street, to replace the one which had to be removed following damage by a road vehicle.

24th February 2019

Council extraordinary meeting:

The Council had to call an extraordinary meeting in January to discuss issues raised for Shawbury in Shropshire Council’s Local Plan Review and Members were delighted that over eighty residents turned up to raise questions and concerns in the public session and then stay on to listen to the on-going debate. Minutes outlining the Council’s response to the proposals for Shawbury have been widely circulated and can be found on the web site.  Members can assure everyone that they will do their utmost to protect the interests of the local community at a time when there is a National demand for increased housing development across the  County and the Country.

New Seat:

A seat will soon be placed close to the fitness area on the playing field.  This has been purchased with money donated to the Parish by RAF Shawbury, in recognition of the support the base receives from the local community.  Their generosity is greatly appreciated and highlights the splendid relationship the village has with the RAF station.

Recent Incidents:

Members appreciate the response from residents in reporting recent damage to play area equipment on the playing field and the alder tree which was blown down in the recent gale.                             

The parish play areas are checked every two weeks but obviously incidents can occur at other times and we are pleased to report that the play area damage was caused by wear and tear on an item which is regularly used.  A replacement part has been ordered and the repair will be carried out as soon as it arrives.

Although the fallen tree is inconvenient, it has been inspected and it is not felt to create a danger and ‘Access2Trees’, who are contracted to do tree work for the Council will be removing the tree within the next two weeks. As it is an alder tree the wood from it is not valuable apart from being used as firewood.

Dog Fouling:

Recent complaints haven received about the increased amount of dog faeces being left around the Moat and Glebe areas. Volunteers regularly remove some of the waste but Members plead with the owners of dogs to take responsibility for removing their own dog’s waste and placing it in one of the bins.


Latest News 12th December 2018

Budget News:
At the December meeting the Members approved the budget for 2019 -2020.
Following careful spending in the current year and the receipt of some grants it was agreed that there was no need to increase the precept, which means that the Parish Council element of the annual Council Tax payment will not be increased. The Clerk pointed out that it would be possible to meet essential expenditure costs and also carry out some identified projects...
Car Park Fencing:
Many of you will have noticed that the current bollards round the car park are continuing to rot away and it has been decided to replace all of these in early January. The company selected has developed a new treatment system and guaranteed the bollards against rot for twenty five years. The bollards will also have a metal casing at the base to protect them when grass strimming takes place. This work is being funded from the grant provided by the developers of the housing project in Poynton Road. 
Housing Development:
Shropshire Council has published a consultation document outlining proposals over the next twenty years and Shawbury Parish has been identified as a ‘hub’ with plans to build a further ninety houses during that period. A number of sites were submitted for consideration but the one chosen is an extension to the Oaklands Estate being constructed alongside the A53, with access to it off the current recently constructed roundabout.
The Parish Council has identified possible problems with the current sewerage system and increased pressure on the school and medical provision. However, responses and comments are welcomed from local people and residents requiring further information are welcome to attend the next Council meeting on January 8th. 2019 

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